The Funded Trader Updates to the Knight Challenge!

Discover trading freedom with The Funded Trader’s Knight Challenge โ€“ one-step evaluation, zero minimum days, weekend trading, and new $5k/$10k options!

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Feature News: The Funded Trader updates Knight Challenge with new options, one-step evaluation, and flexible features. Elevate your trading today!

The Funded Trader is making waves in the prop trading world with its innovative Knight Challenge. The firm is introducing some exciting new features that will take your trading experience to the next level!

One-Step Evaluation

The Knight Challenge continues to simplify the evaluation process with a one-step evaluation. Say goodbye to cumbersome and time-consuming assessments โ€“ now, it’s easier than ever to showcase your trading skills and qualify for funded accounts.

Zero Minimum Trading Days

Flexibility is key in the trading world, and they understand the importance of adapting to different trading styles. With zero minimum trading days, you can trade at your own pace without worrying about meeting a rigid requirement.

Weekend Trading

Markets don’t sleep, and neither should your opportunities. The Funded Trader announces weekend trading as part of the Knight Challenge, allowing you to seize potential profits even when traditional markets are closed. Your trading journey just got more dynamic!

The Funded Trader Updates to the Knight Challenge!

New Challenge Options: $5k and $10k

In response to popular demand, The Funded Trader is introducing two new challenge options โ€“ $5k and $10k challenges. The firm covers whether you want a minor starting point or a higher capital base.

Add-Ons for Enhanced Control

To provide you with even greater control over your trading experience, the firm’s introducing add-ons in the form of a 4% daily drawdown and a 7% maximum drawdown. These options empower you to manage risk effectively and tailor your trading strategy to your preferences.

How to Get Started

Participating in The Funded Trader‘s Knight Challenge is now more accessible and diverse than ever. Choose your preferred challenge option, leverage the new add-ons for enhanced control, and confidently showcase your trading prowess.

Join The firm on this exciting journey, where the thrill of trading meets the empowerment of choice. The Funded Trader commits to supporting traders in their quest for success, and the upgraded Knight Challenge shows their dedication.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and elevate your trading experience? Visit The Funded Trader today and embark on a journey where your trading dreams can become a reality!

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